Appearance and etiquette training of Wanhua International Hotel

2016.09.12 Share:

Facing the increasing fierce competition in hotel industry and the higher requirements for better services in the market, Wanhua International Hotel has been concerned with training specialized skills and personal qualities of employees.In the new market trend of 2015, we strongly felt that there was a long way to go in training, and we deeply knew that we could better serve guests only by continuously strengthening various training on employees and improving the quality and behavior cultivation of employees. Therefore, Director Mr. Liu Guofeng, general manager, set up ambitious goals for the long-term development of the hotel and he specially invited Ms. Ma Jun, an international advanced etiquette advisor who once guided the etiquette and reception of Asian Games, Universiade, Paralympic Games and other high-end international competitions, to give the specialized appearance and service etiquette training of employees.

From individual perspective, etiquette is not only helpful to improve personal self-cultivation but also beautify self-appearance, promote social interaction, improve interpersonal relations, and purify social morality. From the aspect of the company, etiquette even can buildup the corporate image and reputation and improve the satisfactory degree, which can finally achieve the goal of improving economic and social benefits of the company. Therefore, the whole group attached great importance to the etiquette training with huge investment this time.

With the guide and order of Director Mr. Liu Guofeng, general manager, all employees from three subsidiary corporations subordinated to Wanhua Group, that is, Wanhua International Hotel, OSD Bar and Guanlan CIEC Club, participated into the high standard training. The main courses of the training included Training on Physique Etiquette, Training Battalion of Appearance and Personal Charm and Etiquette Cultivation of Talents in the Career. There were 9 lessons each month and each lesson lasted 3 hours, which was temporarily held in 2 months. During the classes, Ms. Ma Jun vividly introduced appearance etiquette, body etiquette, dressing etiquette, communication etiquette, reception etiquette and service etiquette through bountiful case studies and on-site training to make employees correctly recognize the role and charm of professional image and fully focus on the value of shaping professional image.

The training process was very strict and hard, ensuring every employee truly learn necessary etiquette knowledge on hotel service. Among all training courses, Etiquette Cultivation of Talents in the Career was the one specially designed for administrators. The explanations of various traditional etiquette and the manners of dealing with people in the business occasion attracted their attentions with its practicability and interesting essence, making the atmosphere of training site upsurged. For the common workers, Ms. Ma Jun improved the external temperament and internal self-cultivation of employees through a series of manner training, including standing posture, sitting posture, walking posture, squatting posture and smiling, and made “beautiful” manners showed charm in the service.

Employees of the hotel learned many practical etiquette knowledge through the training. With the imperceptible influence of the atmosphere of “You cannot be successful without learning etiquette”, every employee changes and their etiquette, courtesy and service consciousness in the work are improved and the excellent service standard of the hotel is also promoted, and then they receive many praises from guests.

Training is a forever topic of corporate focusing on long-term development. Director Mr. Liu Guofeng, the general manager, attaches great importance to the training, which has not only injected continuous energy for the corporate development but also, for all employees, created the opportunity to learn more knowledge in Wanhua Group and provided long-term development platform. We also hope that employees can find the opportunity to realize their dreams through the training, get more achievements with less efforts in the future and provide the best services for the guests of Wanhua.