Quality Safety and Trustful Safeguard - Emergency Exercise that People Are Trapped in lift in Wanhua

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      In order to deeply implement Work Safety Law of the People's Republic of China, Regulation on Safety Supervision of Special Equipment issued by the State Council and related safety technique standard, actively tackle the failure of people being trapped in the lift, improve the ability of emergency settlement and safeguard life and prosperity safety of the hotel and passengers, the hotel exercised emergency exercise on people being trapped in the lift in the simulated real situation in golden September.

In order to ensure that exercise can be moved on smoothly, all staff of the Engineering Department did abundant meticulous work. Firstly, the lift safety administrators trained the whole staff of Engineering Department for many times on the emergency item on people being trapped in the lift and attention items like lift barring and opening lift floor door. They printed the safety attentions in using lift and posted them on the wall so that employees could read when they went to work every day. In order not to influence the guests, they communicated with the hotel Security Department and lift maintenance unit, and then determined exercise time and place in the general manager’s office that the exercise was started at 15 o’clock on September 21 in the No.4 lift.

The leading group of emergency rescuing people being trapped in the lift was established with General Manager Ye and Vice General Manager Feng as general director and Manager Qin from the Engineering Department and Manager Li from the Security Department as the deputy general director. The headquarter was set in the conference room B on the 9th floor of the hotel, and commanded emergency rescue members of various departments. Engineer Gu, the assistant manager of the Engineering Department, was responsible for lift barring rescue; Wu Jingui, the lift safety administrator, was responsible for opening lift floor door to rescue passengers; Zhang Guozheng, the safety director of the Security Department, was responsible for maintaining on-site order; the Housekeeping Department and the Front Office were responsible for contacting guests and pacifying rescued guests; the Human Resources Department and the Western Food Department were responsible for the logistic service of rescue work that the emergency rescue group linked by various departments was formed.

Various emergency groups of the engineering department had done adequate preparations, and equipment like safety rope, safety helmet, flashlight, intercom and other rescue tools were completely ready, and they only waited for the order by the general manager and then went to the battle field. The headquarter also had done various preparation works and the lists of communication phone numbers of various rescue units have been posted on walls; in addition, the work division of employees and the check on the number of people were also done orderly.

General Manager Ye and Vice General Manager Feng announced the exercise was starting at 3 o’clock in the afternoon. Three employees (one male and two females) played the role of guests and they took the No. 4 lift from F9 to F1. While the power of lift was cut and the lift was hanging in the air, and guests in the lift pushed the button in the lift to seek help.

       Guests said “Are there any one? We are trapped in the lift. Please come to rescue us!”

After receiving the alarm of seeking for help, the monitoring room of the Security Department immediately used emergency intercom to pacify guests in the lift and called duty officer in the engineering department.

Security guard said that “Distinguished guests, please do not be scared. You are safe and we will come to rescue you immediately. Please squat along the inner wall of the lift and don’t get close to the car door. Please wait for our rescue.”

After receiving the rescue call from the monitoring room of the security department, duty officer in the Engineering Department informed the headquarter by intercom immediately and reported the situation to the general director.

        Engineer Qin, the deputy general director, said “Please pay attention. All rescue groups should be in position and prepare to rescue.”

        Engineer Gu from the Engineering Department said “I have received. The group one has arrived in the generator room of the lift. Please give us the indication.”

        Engineer Wu from the Engineering Department said “The group two has received and I have arrived in related floors with related persons. Please give us the indication.”

        Manager Li, the deputy general director, said “Director Zhang from the Security Department, please guides personnel to maintain the on-site order and protect the scene.”

 Director Zhang from the Security Department said “Report to the headquarter that we have been in position. Please give us the indication.”

        Engineer Qin, the deputy general director, said “Please pay attention. The group two determines the specific location of lift and the number of people trapped in the lift.”

       After receiving the call from the headquarter, the group two immediately led rescuers to carry out the rescue. Due to that they didn’t know where was the lift stopped, so they used special triangle key for the lift to open the floor door to check. They carefully opened the floor door within 30cm to observe the location of lift car with the cooperation of maintenance personnel, and they found the lift was stopped between F6 and F7; therefore, they immediately run to F6 and opened the floor door. They found that the life car was 50cm higher than the car sill and barring was needed for rescuing guests, so they immediately reported the situation to the headquarter.
        Group two said “Report to the headquarter that life car is 60cm higher than the ground. Please use barring to rescue immediately. Please give us the indication.”

After receiving the calling, Engineer Qin in the headquarter immediately replied to the group two that they should prepare barring to rescue. 

       Engineering Qin said “The group two pays attention. The lift is stopped between F6 and F7 and the lift car is 60cm higher than the ground. Please use barring to rescue immediately and cut off the general power of the lift.”

Engineer Gu from the group one said “We have received and cut off the power. We are starting to use barring. Please give us the indication.”

Engineering Qin in the headquarter said “The group two pays attention to the safety and avoids car rolling. The group one pays attention to the leveling of lift.”

The group one and group two said “We have received.”

Finally, the lift was leveling and rescuers opened floor door and car door. They entered into the life car, helped trapped guests to wear the safety helmet and rescued all scared guests. Safeguard personnel of the logistic group pacified guests immediately. Moreover, security guards  carried stretcher. Guests were safe after inspection and the scene was filled with thunderous applause. The exercise was successfully finished due to the close cooperation of various departments, and the group one reported the situation to the headquarter immediately.

The headquarter announced the exercise was finished and all departments went to the headquarter in Conference Room B in F9 to make a summary report. 

In the summing-up meeting, the general manager summarized the exercise and employees from departments participating in the exercise also expressed their opinions actively and put forward good suggestions on the problems in the exercise. Generally speaking, the effect of exercise was good and the purpose was reached.

The lift recovered normal operation after being checked by the maintenance unit.

The exercise not only inspected the practicability of the emergency rescue plan of lift, but trained emergency rescue team, accumulated experience and increased the emergency awareness and safety awareness of lift usage unit. In addition, there were great improvements in the tackling ability of accident that people are trapped in the lift, the education of lift passengers and promotion of managers’ quality. We will effectively prevent, timely control and eliminate dangers in the management and usage of lifts in the future.