Advantages from the well-known brand

With its favorable brand image and market reputation, the company has won the business standing, recognition and praise in the industry.

Advantages from entity operation

As a flagship hotel, Shenzhen Wanhua International Hotel is the hub for customer (market) extension, the management service and technical support center, the training and education base as well as the headquarters for talent reservation and transmission, providing a platform of effective backup supports for external services.

Advantages from human resources

Through the operation, development and talent cultivation in the flagship hotel, the company has built up and retained a group of diligent, experienced and professional talents and management teams.

Advantages from professional technologies

The company has the professional techniques and abilities of the whole process and all round services from the investment planning, feasibility research & analysis, guidance on planning design and technical guidance on construction preparation before the opening of the hotel to the entrusted operation and management, consultation management, operation management appraisal and diagnosis, project update and renovation and star evaluation consultation after the opening of the hotel.

Advantages from successful experiences

The company has successfully provided entrusted management and professional technical services for many hotels of various types.

Advantages from customer resources

Covering Chinese Mainland, Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan, Southeast Asia, Japan, Europe and America, the abundant and stable customer base of the company provides it with strong market operation advantages.

Advantages from cooperation partners

In the external business development, the company has established stable and favorable cooperation relationships with many powerful and credible planning and design units, business consultants, real estate consultants, hotel suppliers, guest room sellers and other cooperation partners in technology and business aspects, which provide good supports for the external services.

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