Talent values 

Talent is the core of enterprise resources, insist on the talent value system of understanding, respect, trust, coherence as well as cultivation, pay attention to the creativity and value of all members, improve the responsibility of each employee; firmly believe that the value of the team, the enterprises and employees to grow together. 

Training and Development

Wanhua International Hotel is committed to the training required for all kinds of talents in the process of enterprise development, through a set of relatively comprehensive training program, cultivating staff in business skills, management ability, and constantly improving the language skills, etc. That makes each staff gradually achieve their career prospects, establish the sense of belonging, and with their own progress to create additional value for the enterprise. 

Employee Benefits 

Work 8 hours everyday
At least 4 days off every month
Monthly wages are paid on time according to the state regulations
offer five insurances and housing provident fund as well as accident insurance for employees 
meals provide to employees with free of charge everyday
Provide free accommodation, equipped with independent bathroom, balcony, cold and hot water is available 24 hours 
Offer fruit on every Tuesday and Friday
Enjoy a birthday cake on his birthday
Enjoy 11 days of national legal holiday every year
Enjoy seniority subsidies after a year of service
Enjoy 7 days paid sick leave every year
Enjoy 7 to 9 days paid annual leave every year

Enterprise Culture and Activities

"monthly excellent staff"、"annual excellent staff" and "annual excellent trainer" will be given rewards.
To enrich employees’ leisure time, the company has a staff recreation room and television room, with a variety of chess、 ball games、magazines and books. Films and TV show are available. 
We will organize rich and colorful employees’ birthday party quarterly, host a large Spring Festival gala every year, irregularly arrange the employee activities, such as tug of war、 climbing competition、 technique competition and festival activities etc. 
We set quarterly newspaper、staff pubilicity column as well as a field for collecting staff's articles, and glad to provide a stage to show your talent.